:: 11.03.2006. Toolroom recieves reinforcement – Milling machine with equipment DECKEL FP1

Growth in production continues and capacities of the toolroom for new markets are exhausted. Due to our wish to gain trust of new clients, we invested in the toolroom – in the quicker process of tool production.

:: NEW!

Rockwell’s path to new markets with new products!

In 2005 we have initiated production of spare parts made of rubber for the equipment used at petrol-filling stations:

-seals for machines and petrol-filling guns for use at petrol-filling stations (export of the products to foreign markets was initiated in January 2005)

-seals for joints on hose-pipes for transport of petrol

-seals for doors of fuel-tankers for all types of fuel.

:: SOON!

Rockwell’s products in new package which guarantees the preservation of the quality of products until they reach their destination.


The election of the best brand of Serbia this year had the goal of presenting companies and products which successfully cope with foreign competition, even in the conditions of keen competition and transition, to promote the quality, world standards, good design and corporative image. By purchasing domestic products we encourage development of national economy and domestic companies, promotion of small- and middle-businesses, all of which helps domestic economy to follow competitive world markets.



Rockwell has successfully presented itself in the catalog (pdf format).

According to Mr. Bojan Dimitrijević, the Minister of Trade, Tourism adn Services, this year’s election has proved that the awards went to companies and produts which are at the European level, and which achieve the best results in production, sales, profit, application of standards, image and other parameters necessary for successful business operations in both domestic and foreign markets. The effects are more than obvious. This is confirmed by experiences of the last year’s winners, which have improved their business operations by winning the award ’’The Best of Serbia’’.

:: 19.02.2006. Anniversary of Rockwell

Letter of thanks to our business partners

We would like to express our gratitude to all our business partners for successful cooperation, trust and support, who helped with their advice, criticism and praise to make Rockwell a well-known and acclaimed name in the world of rubber.

Director – Miroslav Mandić

:: 120m2 of new production facilities were put in operation.

On Monday, 20th February, on our company’s anniversary, 120m2 of new production facilities were put in operation, and employees were awarded recognitions for successful work and effort.

With the expansion of production capacities and programs we will be able to attract new clients, to widen the scope and assortment of production each year compared to the previous, to reduce expenses of business operations and increase the profits, working motivation and living standard of the employees.

We are building our position in domestic market with the goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the production of rubber-technical merchandise for procedural equipment. What guarantees our future development is the capability to produce small series, short delivery period, competitive prices and close and flexible relationships with our clients.

Our longterm goal is to make Rockwell seals a brand which will stand for quality, reliability and good choice.

Basically, our policy is: ’’Quality is our priority to insure development and the future’’. As the owner of the company Rockwell, I am assured that we are on the right path, and with introduction of the quality sistem ISO 9001:2000 this year, we are going to further improve our position in the market.

Director – Miroslav Mandić

:: Completion of the collection of proposals for the implementation of the Quality Sistem ISO 9001:2000.

Completion of the collection of proposals for the implementation of the Quality Sistem ISO 9001:2000.

Implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 would last for 5 months. During this period the complete preparation for the certification of Rockwell’s closed business cycle from the very admission of raw materials and semi manufactures, production of drawings, tools, manufactured goods, sales and distribution would be finished. Introduction and improvement of the Quality Management Systems of goods and services is essential component for successful and efficient operation of Rockwell. Quality insurance in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001 series presents the condition for access to the European market and cooperation with foreign companies.


„Aware of the strong competition and the challenge that the market and environment brings we are proud of our past but allwats looking into the future and we are trying to offer and give the best service in any moment. Thanks to the service standard and reserve parts quality programme we have got high reputation as a very concrete saticfied and loyal buyers are the base of our success and their recommendation are the best advertising, Business tradition which we have built in last fifteen years today presents besides the great number of business partners the great number of friends."

gen. manager Miroslav Mandić